Surcharging and Cash Discount

Surcharging and Cash Discount

Never pay credit card processing fees again

Imagine a business where credit card processing fees no longer eat into your profits. Our programs not only eliminate these fees but also encourage more cash transactions, preserving your bottom line. This innovative approach enhances your financial freedom, allowing you to reinvest savings into growing your business.

Surcharging Simplified: The Surcharging program allows your business to add a small fee to transactions made with a credit card, effectively passing the cost of credit card processing fees onto the customer. This method is increasingly accepted as a fair way to handle the high costs of card acceptance, provided it's done transparently and within regulatory guidelines. Our surcharging solution integrates smoothly with your existing payment systems, ensuring a hassle-free implementation. With clear communication to customers and compliance with card network rules, surcharging can be an effective strategy to offset processing fees and protect your bottom line.

Worried about the complexity of implementing surcharging or cash discounts? We've simplified the process. Our team guides you through every step, ensuring compliance with regulations and integrating seamlessly into your current systems. Transition smoothly with our support, and start enjoying the financial benefits without delay.

Cash discount and surcharging programs are now legal and recognized strategies for merchants looking to offset credit card processing fees, thanks to regulatory changes and guidelines from card networks. Cash discounts incentivize customers to pay using methods other than credit cards by offering a lower price, a practice solidified by the Dodd-Frank Act. Meanwhile, surcharging, which involves adding a small fee to credit card transactions, became permissible following a landmark 2013 settlement, provided merchants comply with transparency, notification requirements, and state laws where applicable. These developments offer merchants viable options to manage processing costs legally and effectively.