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Upgrade your restaurant or bar with top POS features, including pay-at-the-table, online order integration, and custom promotions. If you need help selecting the ideal POS system, we're here to match you with the perfect solution, ensuring your success in the hospitality sector.


Age Verification

A feature that supports the scanning of IDs to automatically verify a customer’s age before processing the sale of alcoholic beverages, ensuring compliance with local laws.

Tab Management

Allows bartenders to easily open, manage, and close customer tabs, streamlining the payment process and reducing wait times for customers.

Split Bill Capability

Facilitates the division of bills among multiple customers, accommodating groups and simplifying the payment process for both staff and patrons.

Inventory Management for Liquor Control

Tracks inventory levels in real-time, including pours and bottle levels, helping bars minimize loss due to spillage, theft, or over-pouring.

Rapid Order Entry

A user-friendly interface designed for quick order input, allowing bartenders to serve customers efficiently during busy periods without compromising accuracy.

Customizable Drink Menus

Enables bars to easily update and customize their drink menus, including specials and promotions, directly through the POS system.

Happy Hour and Special Promotions Management

Automates pricing adjustments for happy hours and special promotions, ensuring that discounts are accurately applied without manual intervention.

Detailed Sales Reporting

Provides comprehensive sales analytics, offering insights into peak times, popular drinks, and customer preferences, enabling data-driven decisions to maximize profitability.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Facilitates the creation and management of loyalty programs, encouraging repeat business by rewarding frequent customers with discounts or free items.

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Table and Reservation Management

Allows for easy management of table assignments and reservations, helping to optimize seating arrangements and reduce wait times for guests.

Order Management and Kitchen Display Systems (KDS)

Sends orders directly from the POS terminal to kitchen displays, improving order accuracy and kitchen efficiency. It helps in prioritizing orders and managing preparation times.

Menu Management

Enables quick updates to the menu, including daily specials and item availability, directly from the POS system, ensuring the menu is always up-to-date.

Online Ordering and Delivery Integration

Seamlessly integrates with online ordering platforms and delivery services, enabling restaurants to manage in-house and online orders from a single system.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Collects and stores customer data, including order history and preferences, enabling personalized service and targeted marketing campaigns.

Split Bill and Tipping Functionality

Offers flexible payment options, including the ability to easily split bills among customers and calculate tips, enhancing the payment experience.

Loyalty Programs and Promotions

Supports the creation and management of loyalty programs, rewarding repeat customers and encouraging more frequent visits.

Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics

Provides detailed reports on sales, customer behavior, inventory levels, and staff performance, offering valuable insights for decision-making.

Mobile POS and Tableside Ordering

Allows staff to take orders and process payments directly at the table using mobile devices, speeding up service and improving accuracy.

Pay-at-the-Table and Contactless Payments

Supports modern payment methods, including NFC and QR code payments, providing convenience and enhancing the safety of transactions.


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