Elevate your checkout experience with our versatile range of credit card terminals, designed for any retail setting. From the market checkout lane with signature-on-screen terminals to the flexibility of wireless terminals for on-the-go sales, and the reliability of our regular terminals, we’ve got your payment needs covered.

  • Shopify Retail / Ecommerce

    Shopify POS integrates effortlessly with Shopify's Ecommerce platform, offering a cohesive system for managing in-store and online sales. Ideal for businesses looking to unify their retail and digital presence.

  • Clover Retail / Restaurants.

    Clover's adaptable POS system serves both retail and restaurant industries with its customizable features and extensive app marketplace. It's designed to grow and adapt with your business, making it a versatile choice.

  • Revel Retail.

    Creating products with a strong identity. Provide brilliant ideas and adding the world called success brand. We deliver customized marketing campaign to use your audience to make a positive move.

  • Lightspeed Retail

    Lightspeed's advanced POS system caters to the unique needs of retailers, offering extensive inventory management and data analytics within an intuitive interface. It's designed to optimize operations and enhance customer experiences.

  • Linga Restaurants.

    Linga provides a comprehensive POS solution for restaurants, offering features like online ordering, table management, and loyalty programs. Its cloud-based platform is suitable for any restaurant type, enhancing efficiency and guest satisfaction.

  • PAX Retail.

    PAX specializes in secure, sleek payment terminals and POS solutions that cater to the retail sector, emphasizing ease of use and reliability. Their products are designed to streamline the checkout process, enhancing customer transactions.

  • ALOHA Restaurants.

    ALOHA by NCR, a favored POS among restaurants, delivers comprehensive features like tableside ordering, kitchen management, and loyalty programs, tailored to streamline restaurant operations and improve customer service.

  • NRS Retail.

    NRS offers a user-friendly POS system designed for small to medium-sized retailers, focusing on easy sales tracking, inventory management, and boosting customer loyalty, all at an affordable price point.

  • NCR Retail

    NCR provides advanced POS systems for retail, offering solutions that support inventory management, omnichannel selling, and customer engagement, designed to elevate the retail experience and operational efficiency.

  • Positouch Restaurants/Bars.

    Positouch caters to the fast-paced environment of restaurants and bars with a comprehensive POS solution that emphasizes speed, efficiency, and reliability in managing orders and processing payments.

  • Micros.

    Micros by Oracle offers a highly versatile POS system primarily for the hospitality industry, renowned for its robust functionality in managing complex operations, enhancing guest services, and optimizing back-end processes.

  • Clover Self Ordering Kiosk.

    Introducing our game-changing SELF ORDERING KIOSK – revolutionize your business with the future of efficient service! Slash labor costs while drastically reducing errors. Embrace the excitement of seamless operations and elevate your customer experience to new heights!

Payment devices

Clover Mini

The Clover Mini is a compact, powerful all-in-one POS system that offers customizable apps to cater to the specific needs of your business, making it perfect for any retail or restaurant setting.

Valor Rocket

Valor Rocket is a sleek, user-friendly payment terminal designed for businesses seeking efficient and secure transaction processing, offering a seamless checkout experience.

PAX e800

The PAX e800 is a modern, elegant POS terminal that combines robust performance with a large, interactive touchscreen, ideal for retailers wanting to enhance customer engagement at checkout.

Clover Go

Clover Go provides a portable, flexible payment solution that allows you to accept payments anywhere, making it perfect for businesses on the move or with outdoor sales activities.

Ingenico Lane 7000

Tailored for supermarkets, the Ingenico Lane 7000 is a high-performance payment terminal that enhances the checkout experience with its speed, security, and customer-facing multimedia capabilities.

PAX i920

The PAX i920 is a compact, mobile POS device offering advanced wireless connectivity and secure payment processing, ideal for businesses requiring on-the-go transaction capabilities.

Dejavu Wireless Terminal

The Dejavu Wireless Terminal offers a reliable, efficient wireless payment solution, perfect for businesses that prioritize mobility and seamless customer transactions without the need for wired connections.

Ingenico Desk 3500

The Ingenico Desk 3500 is a versatile, reliable countertop payment terminal that combines ease of use and security, ideal for a wide range of businesses looking for dependable transaction processing.